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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Net Neutrality in Inminent Danger Worldwide

Spain just tried to pass a law in secrecy that will create a censorship commission with members pointed by the government with power to close and or block access to internet pages based on claims of infringement of intelect property. All this without a legal process in a court room under a judge.
This law was discovered by internet users that tried to defend their fundamental rights as citizens and to defend Net Neutrality by creating a Manifesto in just one night using Google Wave as a collaboration tool.

Here is a good post about the events:

The link to the Manifesto in English:

The link of the people that sign the Manifiesto on Facebook with more than 120000 people on Dec 5th @ 13:33h:

Twitter Hash Tag:#Manifiesto

After hearing some rumors that the US Embassy in Spain called yesterday PSOE and PP (main political parties from Spain) to pressure about passing the law, I did some research and found some answers: 

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